”It’s funny how i thought
I was good at hiding my
fellings, but then strangers
started asking me what was
wrong and why I looked so
tired and that’s when I 
realized you didn’t care 
enough to notice”

By: Simone // relhavant

“Electric blue static bridges the silence between us,
our mouths mirroring all the empty things we’ve ever felt together.
With three suitcases on the ground and your hands
clutching the couch like I’ll fly away with that too,
it’s a wonder we got far enough
to break each other’s hearts.
Beer in your breath and the tv turned on,
you’re asking how I could think of jumping ship
when we’re both just breaching the border of forever,
and I’ve got cotton in my throat when I tell you
“We were always a knife fight,
but we tried, baby.
We tried.””

And Tomorrow I’ll Be Gone | d.a.s (via backshelfpoet)

1. remember the first song you hear. If everything else goes completely wrong, you’ll have at least one thing to look back at and smile about.

2. this is the first day of the rest of your life. everything you told me you dreamed of doing, all the places you couldn’t go before— please, if you won’t celebrate another year in your life, at least celebrate your new beginning.

3. go dance under starlight. two a.m. is yours to fall in love with. the moon is calling your name.

4. when you wake up, say a prayer. ask for anything you want. blow out the candles with a sunset.

5. can you believe it? you made it this far. please keep holding on.

6. two years ago today, you whispered tomorrow’s into my ear. I’m sorry. that was my job. I hope you can forgive me.

7. I hope she kisses you every time you stop to take a breath. I hope she’s the reason you plan your next eight birthdays.

8. I hope you call me for one of them.

9. If you buy a pack of untouched cigarettes, burn at least one of them in my memory.

10. love the clouds in the morning. love the stars in the night. love all the strangers who smile when you walk by them. pretend they know what today is. love yourself. I love you. don’t forget that.

a.v., 10 wishes for your 18th birthday

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“We’re just another could have been.”

we should have been (via yoursixwordstory)

“did you ever stop to think
that the reason
I’m ‘self-centered’,
or ‘manipulative’, or ‘harsh’
is because I was sick
of being told
I had to exist
for everyone else
to feel better about

a.v., sticks, stones, & shattered bones

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happy 115th birthday, darling. I wonder if the alcohol tastes just as good in heaven.

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“dear hands: i get it. you like writing poetry. but you can’t bring a metaphor to a gun fight.”

Rudy Francisco

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Anonymous asked: thank you so much for all your amazing pieces of works I can't really express my gratitude and appreciate of your existence
Forgive me for assuming that the other message I got was from you too, but thank you so much. I can’t begin to describe how grateful this makes me, the fact that I have the ability to share things personal to me and to have people show appreciation rather than judgement. People like you make my day. I needed this reminder tonight. Thank you.
- a.v.
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“this still feels like a bad dream.
even four years later,
every crack in the sidewalk
spells out your name.
wake me up.

a.v.(five) twenty-four. // 30 day poetry challenge (day 24)

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“1. it started off harmless. I didn’t even feel the pinpricks in my spine when you first called me yours. they were there, trust me, but I guess I couldn’t be bothered to listen to my instinct when my heartbeat was screaming your name.

2. just one crack. one tear in my fabric. when I found out that my best friend had unlocked your lips before I even had the chance, a few of my seams split open. but it was repairable. I could mend myself back together if I just made sure I kissed you harder, that I kissed you better, that I kissed you longer.

3. the moment you saw me fully unclothed, wrists and ankles cluttered by all my loneliest nights, I bit my lip a little too hard. There were only a few drops of blood drawn, but I felt as though at least a pint of my vital fluids was drained from my mouth. I didn’t know how to kiss you without leaving the taste of rusted metal on your skin. maybe that’s why you stopped letting me mark your neck: you were afraid that people would see how easily deteriorated you were.

4. a stomach ache. not the kind when you receive bad news, but when you consume too much too fast. you can feel it convulsing every now and then, and all you can do is say sorry for not taking your time. I’m sorry for not taking my time. you have to understand: I never had any other choice other than to indulge in every second. every time you said the word ‘forever’ it came out ‘as long as I need you around’ and you can’t blame me for being so scared— I ended up being right, anyways.

5. it turned into sleepless nights and sweaty palms, and wishing I had been more cautious before I let my guard down near you. you became a fever that I felt in every inch of my shivering body. I couldn’t think about anything except for when you were going to leave me.

6. all the space you took up in my heart and in my lungs and in my hollowed out bones broke two of my ribs. I thought I had the capacity to hold you. I didn’t know you’d demand every open margin in my chest and more.

7. those broken ribs punctured my lungs and I stopped breathing for weeks. I still have trouble when you’re around.

8. my best friend gets crippling migraines, ones that she would describe to me as knives being thrown at her skull like she’s some kind of target practice. that’s how you felt. everything was louder with you. everything was amplified. I was practically paralyzed with the throbbing thought of your smile.

9. they say a 9 on the pain scale is so immense that you can’t even tolerate it. most people resort to suicide. trust me, I’m definitely getting there.

10. it ends like this. it ends with agony traumatic to the point that my blood is spilt out across the linoleum bathroom floor, mausoleum made of my collarbones; this torture was so numbing that I swear to god, I mistook it for passion. I thought you loved me. that’s what hurt the most.”

a.v.on a scale of 1-10, how badly did he break you? // 30 day poetry challenge (day 23)

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